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Sep 08 2011

South Carolina

South Carolina

Why Hunt in South Carolina?

South Carolina is one of the most popular places in North America to go hunting, and the reasons why South Carolina is a great place to hunt are many. For one thing, South Carolina is a rather diversified state in terms of its natural habitats for game and wildlife. Within its borders there are more than 31,000 square miles of land that includes mountainous areas, wooded flatlands, swamps, and marshy coastal regions. Native animals and birds include bears, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, deer, boar, turkey, duck, goose, quail, dove, and grouse.

Plus the climate in the Palmetto State is mild, with short winters and long growing seasons. That means that the wildlife in the state of South Carolina has a longer window of opportunity for feeding, which makes for a healthier and more populated selection of wild game. You can even hunt for more exotic prey such as rattlesnake, crocodile, and alligator while in South Carolina. Alligators as long as 13 feet have been found within the South Carolina swamps, and a 6-foot crocodile washed up in the surf along the coast of South Carolina not too long ago – after what wildlife experts believe was the crocodile’s migration up the coast from Florida.

Hunters who are interested in tracking deer in South Carolina find many happy hunting grounds, both for sportsmen who prefer firearms as well as for those who hunt with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Within the rice fields and other watery areas of South Carolina farmland it is possible to hunt for waterfowl, alligator, various kinds of birds, and the rather vicious and formidable South Carolina wild boar.

Or you can head toward drier woodlands like those farther inland where much of the state’s cotton, corn, and tobacco crops are grown. There you will find many hunters and guides who prefer to stalk coveys of quail, doves, rabbits, and other prey common to those areas where there are dry meadows skirted by piney woods. There are also many ponds in those same places where ducks and geese can be hunted during duck hunting season, and many hunters prefer to go hunting for that kind of winged game by boat. Of course if you like to fish you can use the same boat to fish for bass and other delicious fish, and South Carolina offers some of the best fresh water and saltwater fishing in the country.

To learn more about what kinds of hunting the state of South Carolina offers – or where to find experienced local hunting guides or tracts of land that are available for sport hunting – just contact the South Carolina Wildlife Commission or state tourism department. With so many reasons to go hunting in South Carolina, hunting has become a major pastime for tourists and visitors to the Palmetto State as well as for local residents and natives of S.C. Plan a trip to South Carolina when hunting season is in full swing and you are sure to be rewarded with lots of great hunting for whatever kind of animals, birds, and other prey the state offers that you enjoy tracking and hunting.

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